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The Non-Elusive Cashmere Twin Set

When I first heard the words “CASHMERE TWIN SET” I found myself dumbfounded on with what these combination of words actually mean. Are they are pair of twins with long, soft beards? Or a pair of similar clothes made for, who else, but a twin set? So when the words “CASHMERE TWIN SET” first rolled-off my tongue, I set on a quest to find out what this actually was.

Cashmere, according to my reliable Mac dictionary, is a noun meaning fine, soft wool originally that of a Kashmir Goat, Wait a minute…. Kashmir Goat? Though I am a self-proclaimed lover and addict of Vintage Clothing, I personally have something against clothes made from textiles that are not ecologically friendly. That includes fur and leather. I’m imagining a Kashmir Goat being slaughtered out of its fine, soft, wool just to have a yuppie in NY wear something for her first job interview.

Luckily, I kept on reading on another meaning of the Cashmere and found this: woolen material made from or resembling such wool. Ahhhh, resembling such wool. Now, that is something tolerable. I searched the web to see what it actually looks like and this is what Cashmere Twin Set is:

Therefore this made me conclude that I have and had dozens of Cashmere Twin Sets in my wardrobe that came from my Vintage Hunting Binges. Okay, I have (and had) the half of the twin as you can see below:

I have always thought that overcoat was called a Cardigan and not part of the twins. But a friend pointed out that Cardigans are usually knitted. But my opinion as a professional Vintage Buyer (ahem) is that the better half of the Cashmere Twin Set usually is solid in color, and has that classy, feminine look. While Cardigan can also be solid in color (which I think majority does look that way), it tends to have the homey, comfortable feel. The former can be worn for formal after-office affairs or business meetings, either with a pencil skirt or sharp slacks. The Cardigan, on the other hand, can be as top over a sexy sleeveless with matching jean shorts or denim mini.

But since style is a personal approach, it’s really up to the way a dresser carries the clothes to make it seem classy or comfortable. Whether it be one way or the other, the Cashmere Twin Set is really a must for the any woman’s closet. This is actually one of the unsung heroes among the racks of Vintage Stores. Expect to see Cashmere Twin Sets (or its better half) in more numbers that you can imagine. Happy hunting and happy shopping!